SERVICES Alert Security has installed alarm systems, CCTV, and home automation for over 20 years. 


Your home, your business and  your life demand unwavering security. Sensors on your windows and doors connect to your alarm, and to our trained professionals, so you can keep your stress-level down and intruders out.


Alert Security's CCTV systems incorporate the latest camera and DVR technologies to give the best solution to any surveillance need.


ADT Pulse is the the service offered by ADT  that allows you to be in control of your home wherever you are. As long as you have internet access on a device you can arm and disarm your home security system using ADT Pulse.


ADT Pulse works by using your cellular and internet connection to communicate with your alarm system and home automation set up. You can download an app for your smart phone or tablet or you can use the web portal on a computer. ADT Pulse uses Z-wave and WiFi to communicate with the devices.

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